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Alomar - Midwestern
$3.00 - $40.00

  • Alomar - Midwestern
  • Alomar - Midwestern
  • Alomar - Midwestern

Alomar - Midwestern
$3.00 - $40.00

The third release in the Alomar discography, Midwestern, stitches seven simple acoustic tracks into a heartfelt image of what it is to be drifting through twenty-something in Akron, Ohio. Eddie Gancos's latest release is more polished than ever, combining blunt lyricism with folk rock guitar for something honest and beautiful.

The vinyl release is pressed to 12", with the A side being Midwestern in its entirety and the B side being Alomar's 3rd EP, Damn Dude, That Sucks.

Damn Dude, That Sucks tracklist
1. I Am The Lion
2. I Guess We Can't Party Forever
3. Act II, Scene I
4. Thoughts From A Van
5. Breathe

Track Listing

  1. What am I even doing
  2. Life is Hell (and so can you)
  3. The Final Comedown
  4. I'm never going back to Thursdays
  5. New York Casual
  6. Eating Myself Alive
  7. I won't let the sun go down on you

Pressing Information

1st Pressing: Black - 300

Orange - 50

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