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Posture - Haunts

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  • Posture - Haunts

Posture - Haunts

'Haunts' is the second EP to come from Eric Vaught's solo endeavor, Posture. This release showcases Eric's abilities as both an introspective and self-aware lyricist and a dynamic and calculated musician.

These three songs written between June '11 and February '12 during the changes and uncertainty of early adulthood. Haunts is a poignant snapshot of those in-between times and the growing pains associated.

This is a distro item originally released and made made available by Townie Records.

Drums & bass recorded by Alex Owens
Guitars recorded by Corey Haren
Mixing & additional recording by Eric Vaught
Additional vocals, art & design by Nyki Fetterman
Mastering by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio

Track Listing

  1. The Worst Thing I Could Say
  2. Halfway
  3. Home Soon

Pressing Information

100 Coke Bottle Clear

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